I once again took the streets of Toronto to check if going to physical carriers would have netted a better deal than shopping online and again, it did.

I didn’t expect fast every company to offer the same speed of upload, leaving only one real option to upgrade.

Here’s a recap of my journey.

Interested shopping trips start online.

First, I needed to find the best deals in my area, the limited numbers of salespeople I had for the customer, and the best plan for my current plan.

I started with a $79 per month plan from Teksavvy, with the 150-Mbps down and 30-Mbps up. It’s not an excellent plan, but I sought out something that would lower my monthly cost or give me a very low rate. At the time Teksavvy wasn’t running any deals. Interestingly, the next day, at that time, as I lay down to write this story, Teksavvy launched a few great offers.

Overall, the best deal I could find online was a $74 dollar plan from an online reseller – Primus. This plan nets me 1.5Gbps and only 30Mbps uploads.

I searched the Red Flag Deals tech forum to see whether there were a deal I could try to weasel into and through a local chat and chatting with a carriers sales desk. I found that some people get a ridiculous 1.5 Gbps deal on basic television from Bell for $60, but the company refused to offer that deal to me. Based on what I’ve uncovered, it seems like a condo-exclusive plan.

After much research, I left for the mall.

Real people are dealing in real time.

When I went to the mall, I found a few options for the street-front stores Rogers and Bell. On this subject, the resemblance of those sales was heavily dependent on my locality. That’s a pretty important matter as I can’t promise that the same deals will be available anywhere in Canada, so I suggest you pop up in some of your local stores and ask to join.

The Bell store offered me up/down for 500Mbps for $85 per month. The Rogers store was much better, but not as good, internet. The carrier offered a monthly rate of 30Mbps, which he owed to us for $65 per month for a year.

Finally, moving into the mall, flanker brands Virgin Plus and Fido reduced their plans by almost 50 percent. You can buy a 100-Mbps plan for $44 per month or a 50-Mbps plan for $40. These are ridiculously good deals for the most people’s internet. However, as I said earlier, I would like to take a reasonable upload speed upgrade and these carrier two reaches 10mbps, which is a fall from my 30mbps level actual.

The gift cards cost $200 and the six months of Crave are still worth more than those that are at this bundle online, but the internet speeds aren’t as fast and the price of things.

The fact that these carriers cap uploads is pretty anti-consumer. Apparently, Virgin Plus (owned by Bell) doesn’t offer higher upload speeds, because there is such a huge selling feature that Bell used to hide people from Rogers and other prominent players in the internet.

After figuring out the fact that the flanker brands and Rogers wouldn’t work for me, the best upload I could get from them would be 30mbps or less, I went to a more expensive store.

This was a really great move. I don’t really understand how much the prices are, but the salesperson at this store helped me buy a package that matched the $85 price to the previous location but instead included 1.5Gbps upload and download speeds, six months of Crave ($20 tier), a $200 Visa gift card and a basic TV package. I tried as hard as I could to get the 500mbps speeds instead, because thats all I need to improve, but the mode of ordering discounts could be a bit priceier. That deal at least cost me a lot of money, but who knows if I should watch the television package again?

One side note to the TV portion is that it originally was a standard cable TV set that had a receiver attached to my house on a two-year contract. The salesperson told me that the contract could be waived if I did a self-install or just used the TV via the Bell app. I had a big time for this since, in my view, next Black Friday could be used by someone else to try to lower that price back.

I’m not offering you a $25 gift card and six months of Crave.

What does that mean to you?

I hope that anyone can enjoy the deals I found, but since the Internet services and the deals depend on your personal address, it’s difficult to figure out what people can get for Black Friday this year.

That said, if I learned anything, it seems like it’s a bargain that being in shops and calling sales representatives can provide the best deals on the internet. If youre lucky like me and want to change your provider, shopping around will always help, too.

For a round-up of all our Black Friday deals, follow this link. You can find all the best deals from the Canadian dealer.

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