Peloton just released its latest workout product.

The highly anticipated “Peloton Row” machine is HERE and it will cost you a very pretty penny.

On Tuesday, September 20, Peloton Interactive Inc., which shot to overnight fame during the COVID-19 pandemic, will begin taking orders today and begin initial deliveries in December.

Peloton Releases Its Latest Workout Equipment Machine

The cost of this bad agent is approximately $3,195.00, and that is NOT including sale tax or shipping & handling.

This is the fitness equipment companies latest attempt to increase sales and expand the company’s appeal.

The Peloton Row Will Cost You Upwards Of $3,000

Bloomberg News first reported on the machine in 2019. Peloton has been working on the machine for over two years, and Peloton Row is the first major new piece of exercise equipment since 2020.


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Per Bloomberg, the Row has a dark exterior design with a touch screen for viewing workout content and classes. The Row’s 23-inch (58-centimeter) display is designed to swivel, and customers can store the machine vertically on a wall when they’re not using it.

Peloton also announced its star lineup of instructors on Instagram.

“They’re seasoned coaches, the life of the party, and trust us—they bring the 🔥 with their playlists. Introducing our new PELOTON ROW INSTRUCTORS—each bringing something unique to class while always having your back,” the caption read. “🚣🏻‍♂️ Alex (@akarwoski4), an Olympian and dog dad who brings his winning smile to every class. 🚣🏾‍♀️ Ash (@ashpryor_thatsme), a former Big Ten rower who is ‘sunshine mixed with a little hurricane.’ 🚣🏻‍♀️ Katie (@katiewongspelledwang), an expert strength coach who radiates warmth—while always bringing the burn.”


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Social Media BASHES Peloton For Excessive Price Tag!

However, social media has spoken and it is NONE TOO PLEASED with Peloton’s big announcement and even bigger price tag.

“#Peloton is off their rocker if they think I’m buying a $3200 rower, when I could strap an iPad to another rower at a third of the price,” one person tweeted.

“Peloton HATES its customers and doesn’t want any new ones. #GTFO with this pricing! #Peloton #robbery,” another accused the company.

One person noted what all they could buy for the price of their one row machine, “Hey @onepeloton I love you guys but I could buy 2 brand new Concept2. Rowing machines with 2 brand new iPads that I can use outside of working out and still come out with more money than the cost of the new #peloton row machine…. You miss the mark.”

Someone echoed this sentiment tweeting, “Or, you can buy a Concept2 rower, mount a 55” TV from Costco above it and use the $2,000 that’s left over to short Peloton.”

It’s clear the company is hurting for sales.

In February, The Blast reported on the CEO stepping down from the company and cutting more than 2,000 jobs.


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Peloton Interactive Inc. announced it will be replacing its CEO and co-founder, John Foley, in addition to cutting thousands of jobs and costs.

This alarming move comes after the company experienced a massive slow-down in sales, in turn causing its market value to plummet.

Foley was a founding member of the company and has been with Peloton since its inception.

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via: The Blast.

Peloton is launching a line of rowing machines, with pricing starting at $3,195. The Peloton Row machines are now available for preorder, and the company expects to start delivering the machines by December.

No, Peloton does not have an elliptical machine. At time of publishing, there have been no rumors or announcements made that Peloton will be working on an elliptical either. To cut to the chase – No, there is not a Peloton elliptical. Peloton has stated how one of their goals is to “win cardio”.

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