It’s not going to feel like it, but today marks the first day of fall 2022.

The autumn equinox is tonight. It marks the start of astronomical fall -- and the official start of fall for many. (Meteorological fall began on Sept. 1.)

The equinox will happen today, Sept. 22, at 8:03 p.m. CDT. That marks the minute when the sun will be directly above the equator, making day and night nearly equal in length across the world, according to NASA.

The amount of daylight has been steadily shrinking since the summer solstice on June 21.

Day and night won’t be exactly equal today, however. Birmingham will get 12 hours, eight minutes and 25 seconds of daylight today. For Huntsville it’ll be 12:08:33 and for Mobile 12:08:06.

It’ll be closer to exactly 12 hours on Sept. 26 in Birmingham (12:00:10), Huntsville (11:59:56) and Mobile (12:00:42)

Today will feel more like summer than fall, unfortunately for those waiting to pull out the jackets.

Highs today will be in the 90s nearly statewide, with mid- to upper 90s possible in the southern part of the state. Here are the forecast highs for Thursday:

More unseasonably hot weather is expected today across Alabama.

But a return to more seasonable (for Alabama, that is) temperatures is coming along with a cold front that will work its way through the state starting today.

The front won’t bring a lot of rain with it -- in fact many won’t see rain at all -- but it will usher in some slightly cooler air and knock temperatures back to where they should be for this time of year -- in the 80s. The only exception to that will be extreme south Alabama, which still could be dealing with highs in the lower 90s.

High temperatures on Friday will be more pleasant with plenty of sunshine expected for most of the state.

Here are Friday’s highs:

High temperatures will be lower for most of Alabama on Friday, except for those along the Gulf Coast.

Since fall is officially here what are some other events coming up?

It’ll be time to “fall back” to standard time on Sunday, Nov. 6. And the winter solstice, or the shortest day of the year, will be on Dec. 21.

Here's a look at how the seasons work.

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Autumn equinox is the first day of fall.49 minutes ago

March Equinox marks the arrival of the first day of autumn in the southern hemisphere. That's why in the earth's southern areas, the March Equinox is known as the autumn Equinox or Fall Equinox.Feb 6, 2022

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